I may've discovered your site a bit late as there are no new entries since 2014 so I'm wondering how things are with you. Sincerely hope all is well.
Marcy Sheridan(non-registered)
My uncle Steve is amazing! All of these pictures are absolutely beautiful!
Angie & Frank Lloyd(non-registered)
We love and miss you two! This is truly a gift of God Uncle Steve! It's so entertaining looking at your work. Keep up the Great Work! It's such a blessing to us. We hope to see you soon and spend some quality time all of us together. Do something fun, have some good food, and forget about the world for a few days.. The entire bunch!!! Lol love y'all! Please tell Aunt Clemmie hello and we love her
jason and becky frix(non-registered)
love viewing all photos. you have a very speacil and great talent. keep it up. we love you very much uncle steve and look forward to seeing more of your work!!!!!
sandie vanormer(non-registered)
Beautiful video. It brought back many pleasant memories from when we visited Yosemite many many years ago.
Glen (bear) moore(non-registered)
Great video, you are good!
Jake Jakubielski(non-registered)
Great Job on the Deta! Ann and I are back in town. See you at the Moose.
Thanks, Carolyn...we are having fun for two old guys :)
Carolyn Stanifer(non-registered)
Love all your photos. Keep doing what you do.
Thanks Dave....Pete and I are in the early stages of planning our next trip. Stay tuned.....thanks for the comments.
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