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In June os 2007, I was invited to shoot the launch of STS-117, Atlantis shuttle. Through a friend of a friend, I had recieved this chance to take the VIP tour of the Space Center and grounds of NASA. The people were great and allowed us to enter the room where the space shuttles are prepared for their next launch. The photos here are of the Discovery shuttle as the Atlantis was on the launch pad and being fueled for takoff. We were allowed to go out to the launch pad the night before launch and take some photos. WOW...that thing is enormous. The engines produce 1,000,000 lbs of thrust at liftoff. The launch pad is flooded with water moments before the engines are fired, which produces the steam you see in the pics with the water evaporating. It was very exciting as I shot the liftoff photos from about three miles away. This was also on my bucket list......Crutch
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